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3 Ways CP Stays Squeaky Clean Even During Covid-19

At CP, we always brush up on our service

By: CP Residences
September 2021

The stop-start cycle of pandemic restrictions might be challenging. But at CP, we roll with the punches and accept that this is the new normal. We have adapted, adjusted and implemented our own set of heightened measures in response to Covid-19. As a co-living residence, CP strives to provide a comfortable, clean and safe environment for our residents, with a top-notch cleaning service to match.

1. Keeping extra clean: Additional safety measures

Cleaning supervisor Muhammad Azan and his team are in charge of keeping all CP residential units in Singapore spick and span. They always ensure that they are in the pink of health and properly sanitise themselves before – and after – cleaning. 

They also go to great lengths to be extra thorough, especially during the pandemic. Cleaning surfaces is a rigorous process, especially for common touchpoints such as door handles and remote controls. 

This is especially important in shared facilities, which may include living rooms, toilets and kitchens. 

To maintain an ample supply of protective equipment, CP’s management team ensures that masks and sanitisers never run out by replacing them frequently. 

Cleaning services are performed weekly. For vacated rooms, we will take a day or two to clean and disinfect them deeply, always checking spots that may have been overlooked, such as carpets. The corners of all rooms are also thoroughly cleaned with the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

2. Continuous upgrading through training and technology

We stay at the top of our cleaning game. Whether it’s the simple act of sealing mattresses in crisp plastic sheets between stays or improving the training of our cleaning team, we are always looking to polish our skills and standards. 

Lately, we have invested in high-tech vacuums that eliminate bed bugs and keep the sheets ultra-hygienic so our guests can enjoy fresh sheets each week – and peace of mind.

We complement new technology with comprehensive training. Azan, who has more than a decade’s experience in cleaning and facility management, believes there is no substitute for hands-on training. Step-by-step training is provided, such as the process of cleaning the various types of upholstery found in our rooms. From wiping the upholstery with a special brush in one given direction to keeping it dust- and stain-free at all times, we strictly adhere to specific guidelines to enhance your stay with us.

3. Service is our top priority

Beyond cleaning techniques, we also keep our locations squeaky clean by always brushing up on our service attitude. Here at CP, we are fuelled by three core beliefs. 

The first is “GST” – we always welcome our guests with a greeting, a smile and then a “thank you” before they hit the road.

Service from the heart is the second defining trait of CP. This entails sincerity and going the extra mile when it comes to fulfilling your needs. 

Teamwork is another core value: Our team works closely together and maintains a strong bond because we believe we can better support you if we support one another.

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