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A home for you and your furry friend

By: CP Residences
October 2022

"CP sees [pets] as family."

When Turkish management consultant Beril Bal was offered a job posting to Singapore this year, she began trawling the web right away for a place to stay. But her excitement soon faded as the search proved futile – the rental options she shortlisted were either too expensive or did not accept pets. It was only after five stressful months that she finally found CP Residences, which welcomed both her and her dog. 


Contes, her three-year-old rescue dog, was often a stumbling block in her house hunt.

Property agents either did not return Beril’s calls or asked a barrage of questions about her pooch – from its size to its temperament. In total, she received about 50 to 70 rejections before chancing upon CP Residences.

“It was this big ball of fear in front of me. What am I going to do now,” Beril, 30, recalled.

She was so relieved to have found CP Residences that she signed the lease before flying to Singapore from Istanbul in August 2022. A pet-friendly option was so hard to come by that she could not risk losing it.

“Unlike other housing agents who treat pets as potential problems, CP sees them as family,” she said.

The location of her new home was a big bonus: City Gate condominium in the Bugis area is within walking distance of a park and a pet groomer and just a short drive away from a veterinary clinic.

Like her owner, Contes is delighted with the nearby Kallang Riverside Park, where she can roam freely.


For Beril, the City Gate studio apartment ticks all the boxes. Besides being pet-friendly, it is also fully-furnished, boasts a central location and offers a flexible lease. The last feature is especially helpful as she plans to return to Turkey eventually. 

Best of all, she loves being surrounded by a diverse community of expatriates, locals and fellow dog-parents.

She explained: “You can learn from them. You can ask them things, share observations and listen to them.”

Her experience with CP Residences was such a pleasant one that she went straight back to them after her recently wedded husband will be moving in and needed a bigger place. It was a no-brainer, given the convenience and transparent terms.

“I knew what my obligations were when I signed the contract,” said Beril, who inked a new lease in January for a bigger unit. “I know what the additional fees will be and I’m not afraid of getting a surprise bill at the end of the tenancy.”

Far from being homeless in a foreign country, Beril has found a new place to call home with Contes and her husband.

“The apartments are very central, well-decorated and pet-friendly. City Gate is an expat-friendly area. I have met other expats, other dog parents, and locals, too. I think we have a good mixture, a good community.”

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