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Adulting 2020

Renting as a Rite of Passage

September 2020

Staying at mum’s is so 2019.

“In a country where children do not generally cut the apron strings and move out of their parents’ homes until they get married, some Singaporeans are going against this convention by renting a flat amid the new Covid-19 normal…” – Today, 23 August 2020.

You guys… we just lived through a global lockdown; a worldwide paradigm shift of work cultures, and let’s be honest, the learnings have been aplenty. For most of us, we have just been forced to rethink / confront how we’d like to live. Our observation – as the work-from-home situation drones on for many of us – is that more and more young locals are considering renting a flat.

What’s not to like? Consider it “Moving Out 101”. There is the draw of a more conducive workspace, some peace and quiet (at last), to finally have a place you can call yours, to have a space where you can truly “hang out” and have friends (read: boyfriends and girlfriends) come over…

“We are seeing plenty of <35-year-old tenants of late…” shares Eliza Sukh, our Biz Dev Manager at CP Residences. “Quite a number of them have shared that they are looking to be independent and looking to enter a new chapter of life, where they “trial” living apart from their parents.”

It seems like we are entering a golden age of re-evaluating our priorities. Having to pay rent is of course a downside, but many are quick to observe that staying home with parents – although technically free – comes at a “price” too. So, despite the strain it puts on finances, enquiries have been on the rise. Those who can take up entire apartments, while others take up a room first before seeking to “upgrade”. With flexible lease-terms where tenants can take up room / apartment rentals from just 3-months, the situation starts to look financially manageable and viable.

“Being overseas allowed me to define certain parameters of my life – what time I go to sleep, how I arrange my chores, my duties for the house. It sort of builds an own rhythm or timetable which works. Back home, I have to settle with somebody else’s rhythm,” shares a 34-year-old healthcare professional who declined to be named who said that in pre-Covid-19 days, she could spend more time out of the home to avoid facing her parents, with whom she is not on good terms with… To “keep (her) sanity”, she now rents a studio apartment in the central part of Singapore for S$2,000 a month, sharing the cost with her partner.”


1. Your parents have done their jobs.  Now you must go do yours. 
Get off that couch and dust off that diploma, and you know, grow up. Cooking your own meals, doing your own laundry, and paying your own rent is kinda the worldwide way to prove that. Go forth and be a productive member of society.

2. It’s sexy and you know it. 
Living with folks is a massive deterrent to dating, (at at least dating anyone with standards) let’s be honest. Taking on responsibilities head-on is sexy; flying the nest is a rite of passage to show that you got your sh*t together. 

3. Your parents also want their freedom too.
Give them something to “complain / show off” to their friends about. Seriously. Also, Mum and Dad might have other uses for your bedroom 😉