Be at home in Thailand

The Land of Smiles

December 2018

1. Bangkok

2. Phuket

3. Chiangmai

Filled with alluring white-sand beaches and incredible floating farmer’s markets, as well as sprawling night markets oozing with life, it is no surprise that Thailand has made its mark in the global tourism industry.

But delve deeper and Thailand has more than just popular tourist spots to offer. Endowed with a rich cultural history, as well as a burgeoning economy poised for high growth in the region, Thailand may very well be the perfect place for you to set your roots to establish your mark in the global community.

Being one of the most affordable countries to live in in the region, The Land of Smiles is guaranteed to leave you smiling as you ponder the total amount of savings you are able to accumulate, be it on a vacation trip to experience Thailand’s exquisite culture, to base your operations here, or to grow your wealth of knowledge as you enrol in Thailand’s prestigious universities.

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Here are some of the top tourist cities:

1. Bangkok
The splendour of intricate patterns and architectural marvels that pepper Bangkok’s streets are guaranteed to leave you in jaw-dropping awe as you explore Bangkok. And even if architectural delights do not intrigue you, world-renowned gastronomical creations that are picking up worldwide will surely captivate your stomachs. No matter salty, sweet or spicy, Thai food is guaranteed to satisfy every palate.
Credit: Thai Tourism (It’s hard to fathom that anybody will get sick of Thai delicacies)
2. Phuket
Pristine lagoons with emerald waters, awe-inspiring Phuket presents travellers a kaleidoscopic spectrum of spectacular holiday sights. Satisfy your wanderlust on these pristine beaches.
Credit: Joey Santini, Phuket Tours
(Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Phuket for the best retreats)
Gourmet food awaits on bright and clean beaches, and secure yourself an apartment just minutes away from the main city to minimise any disruption to your usual work. With CP Residences, we have centrally located apartments that can fuel the inner yogi wannabe in you even as you keep to your work deadlines.
3. Chiangmai
For a little deeper diving to non-tourist hotspots and into Thailand’s beautiful yet complex culture, visit Chiangmai, northern Thailand’s largest city and take that stroll down the less travelled path.

Indulge in the rich cultures and ponder the intricate complexities woven within Thailand’s histories as you hop from historical monument to monument, each with its own tale to tell.

Credit: CN Traveler
(The Rose of the North lives up to its name with its historical landmarks woven with deep complex history for the culture buff)
Once the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom, the walled city is better known as “The Rose of the North”, and while the condition of the wall has not been as sturdy as it once was in its glory, the surrounding moat is still fully intact.

Enrich your understanding of the world as you tread across Chiangmai, and appease your ravenous appetite for a bite of Thailand’s history.

Regardless of your length of stay or purpose of visit, let CP Residences be a part of your knowledge sojourn with our prime district apartments.