Building a better post-pandemic environment

By: CP Residences
March 2021

No one saw it coming. Who knew a year ago that working from home, online meetings and scanning QR codes would become part of daily life?

The pandemic has changed society as we know it, from working routines to modes of interaction. It has also fundamentally altered the way we view urban spaces and buildings. Never have green spaces been more appealing as people seek respite from long stay-home periods. And as we enter a building these days, we are thinking about its capacity for safe distancing measures.

COVID-19 has laid bare the strengths and weaknesses of our economy and society, including our urban environment. We have also come to cherish what was previously taken for granted, such as reliable Wi-Fi connections for a seamless WFH experience or just a comfortable workspace.

Designers now approach the urban environment with overhauled mindsets as cities adapt to a new reality. In Singapore, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is reassessing design standards for new buildings in light of the pandemic. Rules on air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation may be revised to boost air quality in crowded spaces.

Building owners now also have to adhere to official guidelines to enhance building air quality. CP Residences has been doing its part to ensure residents enjoy a clean, virus-free environment, such as through regular air purging and good old natural ventilation by opening windows.

Buildings of the future will be radically different in a post-pandemic world. The National University of Singapore (NUS) recently opened a new $50 million research facility that will help launch the country as a frontrunner in the built environment industry. Technologies being explored include the use of data analytics for healthier indoor spaces.

What Now?

But what can we do in the meantime to make sure occupants are comfortable? The practice of working from home is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, with eight in 10 workers in Singapore preferring to do so. However, some noted that homes might not always offer the most conducive environment.

Sometimes, all you need to achieve the same productivity level is to replicate your work environment at home. At CP Residences, every unit comes with a full-length work desk, a comfortable office chair and storage for your work documents. Need flexible arrangements like a bigger desk or three tables like your set-up in the office? No problem. In fact, these are actual requests we have fulfilled.

It’s not all about work though. Amid border closures and stay-home notices (SHNs), sometimes you just need a room (or a friend’s place) to lay your head for the night. We understand. Whether it’s a CP resident hosting a stranded friend, or a same-day check-in, we do our best to accommodate requests, even if it means some last-minute scrambling.

After all, all challenges and customer requests will better prepare the real estate sector for the next paradigm shift in urban planning.