Some tips to not over-eating during holidays

Everyone must be super exciting as the end of 2017 is coming to an end, and also Christmas Eve. Holidays are the time for us to gather with our families and friends to celebrate, and every celebration comes with lots of good food. If you have been working very hard at eating healthy and losing [...]
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Orchard Road dazzles with sparkling lightings in its first Christmas village

With the initiative of the trial of Shibuya-style pedestrian scramble crossing, for the first time, Orchard Road unveiled a Christmas village showcasing all types of fairy lights, fireworks and festive fare. The Christmas village is located outside Ngee Ann City, and will be opening from Nov 25 to Christmas Day, from 11am to 10pm on [...]
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Be at home in Thailand : The land of smiles

Filled with alluring white sand beaches and incredible floating farmer’s markets, as well as sprawling night markets oozing with life, it is no surprise that Thailand has made its mark in the global tourism industry. But delve deeper and Thailand has more than just popular tourist spots to offer. Endowed with a rich cultural history, [...]
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4 Exciting destinations that tourists must go to when visiting Vietnam

Each of the country in Southeast Asia represents unique beauty and tradition that always leave each visitor a mix feeling of inspiration and admiration. Same as Vietnam. Vietnam is a land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, but exotic and compelling. You will never able to visit every single place at this country because [...]
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10 Best Vietnamese food you must try

Asian cuisines are very distinct and unforgettable. Each country in Asia represents a lot of different types of food that you cannot find elsewhere, same as Vietnamese food. Vietnamese food is known to be both healthy and robust in flavor because it relies a lot on the combinations of the food and the balance of [...]
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