It’s at the centre of it all, and that’s the point

September 2020

Afterall, Orchard Road is the place to showcase your fashion sense.

There is just something about the way people dress and behave when they visit Orchard Road – the famed shopper’s haven and lifestyle playground of Singapore. On weekends especially, pedestrians catwalk along this iconic and bustling 2.2-metre runway flanked by over 5000 retail, dining and entertainment establishments, feeling at the centre of it all; an absolute sight to behold.

Afterall, Orchard Road is the place to showcase your fashion sense. Somehow, we dress just a tad fancier – even in the perennial summer climate – when headed “downtown”. Lady shoppers with arm candies and stilettos usually opt to exhibit their style in air-conditioned malls and amble along the well-connected, sophisticated underground mall walks, whilst high street fashionistas might prefer to move around aboveground on the great tree-lined street.

It’s not a fad, it’s totally cultural. Orchard Road is our very own Champs-Élysées, but with better weather and food – an impressive and dramatic fanfare of malls, restaurants and unique shops amidst 800,000sqm of immaculately landscaped avenue.

What about living right on Orchard Road?

It’s the cherry on top. Just ask us at CP Residences why we chose The Centrepoint, the heart of Orchard Road to provide the ultimate “central living experience”.

The main takeaway about living in Centrepoint, is that you get to live luxuriously like a tourist and also affordably like a local, all at once! Rental rates start from $1299 per month for a well-adorned room and you can start plugging in to a social living and co-living experience in the heart of Orchard Road right away.

Here are some highlights:

The Centrepoint is truly central along main street Orchard Road. It is within walking distance through a cooling underground connection to the Somerset (NS23) train station which makes this a transport convenience that is second to none.

Another favourite convenience at this location is the Cold Storage supermarket, offering fresh quality ingredients to cook up a storm at the apartment. Or you can indulge in the culinary scene of Orchard road and start exploring from local stalls offering yummy snacks to Michelin-starred restaurants.

As the global Work-From-Home gains traction, many tenants at CP Residences have been spotted shuffling between their at-home work desk and Starbucks downstairs, and jogging along Orchard Road at 7am with their airpods in full activewear. Speaking of exercise, a Decathlon outlet just opened at The Centrepoint! The physical experience outlet promises virtual simulations and augmented reality components. Come Q42020, JustCo will open “Singapore’s very first ‘smart’ co-working centre”. JustCo at the Centrepoint will feature card-free access, facial recognition technology, and a fully-automated café.

There is also much to offer even late into the after dark. Besides the watering holes at the next door Cuppage Terrace and Cuppage Plaza, nocturnals can poke their noses into Singapore’s first and only 24hour Don Don Donki right across the street.

If one becomes giddy-headed from the hustle and bustle of the shopping strip, head out to the Botanical garden at Cluny Road. Hop on at Somerset station to arrive at Botanic Gardens station to step into the first UNESCO Heritage Site in Singapore, a must-visit whether you are a local or a tourist.

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