In the near future, CP Residences will soon be starting our expansion in 2 big cities in Japan, Tokyo and Okinawa by 1st quarter of 2018.

Shibuya crossing street

First of all, we chose Tokyo because this city is the largest and one of the most modern cities in the world. Tokyo was named the world’s most satisfying tourist city and its popularity is continuing to grow. With a population of 13.65 million people, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a world-leading megalopolis. Tokyo has about 2,964 major companies with very high capital.

Moreover, Tokyo is also the chosen destination for more than 76 percent of the foreign-affiliated companies in Japan. Tokyo indeed serves as a magnet attracting even more companies to Tokyo, driving the world’s economy. The two areas in Tokyo that CP Residences will be focusing on are Ginza and Shibuya areas.

This Mark City Mall is at the iconic Shibuya crossing, in which Singapore is trying to emulate in Singapore Orchard Road.

View of Shibuya crossing street

Besides this, Okinawa will be our second destination due to its rapid growth of the economy. In the early 2017, the bank of Japan sums up the current economic situation in Okinawa as, “On the whole, the market and business activity in Okinawa Prefecture continues a steady expansion for the foreseeable future.”

Also, the bank states that, “there is a strong personal consumption due to the increase in the population in Okinawa, demand from the increasing tourism, and improving employment and income environment.” With this foreseeable growth, Okinawa will be chosen to be one of CP Residences’ development sectors in Japan.

Part of Okinawa. Image: Fine Art America

With this new upcoming expansion in Japan, CP Residences is looking forward to the new reach to possible Japanese rental market as well as the worldwide market.

Written by Linh Tran