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Finally, a haven for both owner and pet

“Paw”-fect living like no other

By: CP Residences
May 2021

Every evening, Charlotte Wong enjoys winding down at her balcony with a glass of wine in hand and her pet pooch Wallace by her side. From 18 floors above the ground, the civil servant and her 10-year-old cocker spaniel enjoy their bird’s eye view of the city skyline – including Marina Bay Sands and the Central Business District – against a stunning backdrop of the setting sun.

Things haven’t always been so idyllic though. Just over a month ago, Charlotte was frantically trying to find a place to stay for up to six months before she could move into her newly purchased accommodation. The need to find somewhere pet-friendly added to her stress.

“Many agents weren’t willing to help because they were looking for long-term tenants. Then those who were okay with short-term rentals had landlords who didn’t want a dog,” shared the 37-year-old.

She finally caught a break when she heeded her friend’s advice to check out Facebook Marketplace, an online platform where users can buy and sell items. While browsing the units listed for rent, one post struck her.

“I saw a posting that was very clear about being pet-friendly and immediately I was like, ‘O-M-G, let me get in touch with this person’,” she recounted.

The person behind the listing turned out to be CP Residence’s Marketing Executive Aqilah Adnan. The two quickly arranged an appointment via WhatsApp to view the unit. By the end of the day, Charlotte’s search was over.

“Within the day, I confirmed the booking and by that weekend, I had already moved in,” she said. “It was really quick, really painless, a fast, fuss-free experience. The service from Aqilah has been wonderful.”

On moving day, Charlotte was met by a staff member who walked her through the 1-bedroom unit. Noting her request for a sofa, the employee swiftly secured a new one for her.

Now happily settled in, she is thankful for the seamless experience as moving can be stressful not just for humans, but also their animal friends.

Taking full advantage of their convenient location at Devonshire Road, the two also love taking walks down to Robertson Quay to visit the many pet-friendly cafés there.

“It is quite nice to live in this area because it is close to town and near River Valley, so there are definitely plenty of areas to explore with Wallace,” said Charlotte.

Besides the strolls, Wallace also relishes being at the balcony on his own. Such tranquil moments are vastly different from the life he had before being adopted by Charlotte two years ago. The sight of Wallace lounging, totally at ease, is enough to assure her that she made the right choice with CP Residences.

“He is an old dog… he can go out to the balcony, bask in the sun and enjoy the breeze – and that is really all he needs to enjoy his day.” — Charlotte

Wallace enjoying some wind on his fur at his new home