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Helping Hand For A Broken Foot

By: CP Residences
June 2022

Injured foreign student finds refuge in CP community

Lea Sophie Danielewicz was looking forward to an exchange programme at the Singapore Management University (SMU) that would begin in January 2022. But when the German student failed to secure a place to stay after contacting over 60 landlords in vain from miles away, her excitement soon turned into desperation. 

To make matters worse, a friend who was enrolled in the same five-month exchange programme had broken her foot just weeks before their departure date.

Besides accommodation, the two 22-year-olds now had other worries: How was the friend going to get around? Where would she go to get treatment in Singapore?


Then, while browsing a Singapore real estate search portal, Lea chanced upon the contact details of Elizaveta Sukhomlinova. The Head of Leasing at CP, who is better known as Eliza to the residents, seemed to have all the answers.

Not only did she find an apartment at CP for them within four days, but she also roped in her husband to assist Lea’s friend. 

“She arrived here in a cast and crutches, so Eliza’s husband recommended some doctors that we could go to in Singapore,” said Lea, a fourth-year student from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) who is back in Germany having completed her major in Communication and Media Studies. 

“She went beyond the service required and really made us feel welcome.”


Despite a nightmarish start, Lea and her friend enjoyed a pleasant stay in Singapore.

“I was glad to escape the winter in Europe and come to Singapore. Everything was super green, super warm,” said Lea.

They shared a four-bedroom apartment in the Orchard area with two other housemates and often had meals together. They also celebrated Chinese New Year with their neighbour, an expatriate from Britain. 

The novel experience of dressing up and eating together on the auspicious day counts as Lea’s favourite memory of her stint here. 

“It was one of the nicest memories. Our neighbour invited us over to her place on Chinese New Year’s Eve. She had a funny collection of dresses and we all dressed up,” she recalled with a chuckle.

Though her time here may have come to an end, her fond memories of Singapore remain etched in her mind, thanks in no small part to CP.

“If we had any issues, we could always contact CP and they would help us really quickly,” Lea said gratefully.

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