iPhone X is launched today, but a day before the launch (Nov 2), there were lines of Apple fans lined up overnight outside the store already.

Some people even sleeps outside the store prior to iPhone X launch.

There were two queues at the store — one for walk-in buyers and one for those who had pre-ordered the phone online. Those in pre-order queue were allowed to enter the store first with the cheering noise from Apple staff. Following is the walk-in buyers.


Many buyers have shared their excitement, but also an exhaustion after a night queueing outside the store.

Madam Ilha Ahmed, 53, has shared with Singapore The Strait Times that they finally got their iPhone after 24 hours lined up. “I don’t think I will come next time, but it depends on what Apple brings out”, she said.

Within 2 hours of opening, more than 20 iPhone Xs were being offered for resale on online marketplaces, but they were priced at $2,500 at least.

Instagram: draketan88

A guy got an iPhone X for himself. Instagram: ballthanik

This is the second time Singapore has witnessed such eager crowds anticipate in an iPhone launch, after the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in late September.

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Written by Linh Tran