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In a time of restricted travel

CP goes the extra mile

By: CP Residences
July 2021

The pandemic calls for extra empathy, says community manager Elizaveta Sukhomlinova

Whom would you trust to conduct a house-moving operation for you while you are stranded overseas? 

Probably not your landlord. Maybe not even your friends. Some tenants of CP Residences, however, choose to rely on their community manager, Elizaveta Sukhomlinova, more affectionately known as Eliza.

When borders started closing at the height of the pandemic last year, a tenant who had been stuck on an overseas trip for more than six months called on her to help move his belongings. As he was stranded indefinitely and was uncomfortable keeping his items in the storage room, he requested for Eliza to shift them to another unit instead.

It wasn’t the first time she had gone beyond the call of duty either.

Eliza, who is also a CP sales representative, personally oversees her tenants’ daily requests while juggling other responsibilities such as negotiating contracts and managing her team. 

She explains her service philosophy: “We never settle for less. Even when we get perfect comments on our performance, it doesn’t mean that we will relax tomorrow and not try to improve on something else.”

empathy at the heart of service

Eliza fully understands the challenges that expatriates face when looking for a place to call home in a foreign country. After all, the Russian was once in their shoes, having relocated from Moscow when her husband was posted to Singapore for work in 2016.

The disruptions wrought by the pandemic has added to the anxiety of current and prospective tenants. Some have not seen their families in over two years, while others face uncertainty over the length of their work contracts.

To ease their stress, CP Residences prioritises flexibility in their operations. “We need to have a deep understanding of how people feel during this time and show that we really care,” says Eliza.

Whether it is extending leases by a week at the last minute or arranging for a furniture overhaul, Eliza and her team strive to fulfil all requests. 

She recalls helping a group of four French youths who were here for work and study. Their plans to rent a three-bedroom apartment at CP from March to June this year hit a snag when one of them had trouble entering Singapore due to entry permit issues. 

Eliza and her team managed to get the group a replacement tenant quickly, and the students were able to move into their desired apartment as planned. Along with a new roommate, the unit also came with everything they had asked for – a spacious work desk, comfortable chairs and blackout curtains.

“It’s about providing the best possible service for tenants with a welcoming, thoughtful approach, rather than just selling the place and closing the deal,” says Eliza.

community amidst crisis

The pandemic has forced community events to take a backseat at CP Residences. But the community spirit is still very much alive.

Lively Whatsapp group chats, created by Eliza, help foster a sense of camaraderie and keep tenants updated on special initiatives, such as thoughtful gifts on special occasions and holidays. For instance, Eliza and her team sent premium Hari Raya cookie sets to every tenant just last month. 

It is no wonder that former tenants still keep in touch with the CP community after their leases end.

“The fulfilment comes from knowing that you did something good, that you improved someone’s mood today, even if it’s just a tiny bit.”

Elizaveta Sukhomlinova