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Is COVID-19 affecting your mental health? Co-living can help

By: CP Residences
October 2021

A conducive work environment and a sense of community can reduce stress and loneliness

Living under the pall of COVID-19 is taking a mental toll on more people in Singapore. In a recent online poll, 76 per cent of the respondents reported feeling sad or depressed while 65 per cent said they felt lonely. 

As we mark World Mental Health Day on Oct 10, it is timely to prioritise our mental wellness and look for ways to improve our emotional well-being. Co-living, for instance, can be a helpful option during these isolating and stressful times.

Alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation

Safe-distancing and urging people to stay home as much as possible are among the key measures used to curb virus spread in Singapore. It is thus no surprise that the pandemic has triggered or exacerbated feelings of loneliness and social isolation in people.

These can lead to increased stress levels and mental illnesses like depression. On the other hand, social connection can do wonders for our mental well-being and reduce psychological stress.

This is where co-living comes into play. With people sharing the same living, working and recreational spaces, its very concept is built around a strong sense of community. 

Co-living spaces consist of many private apartments and common facilities. These facilities can include communal workspaces, kitchens, gyms, lounges and more. The sharing of such spaces can promote interaction between people from all walks of life, creating a unique and organic sense of belonging and togetherness. Who knows? One might even make a lifelong friend or two.

Of course, such mingling is minimised under current COVID-19 safety measures. However, some companies like CP Residences continue to offer tenants a host of social benefits. For instance, CP residents can join fun WhatsApp group chats and receive festive holiday gifts.

Taking the stress out of WFH routines

As work-from-home (WFH) becomes the default again, the stress and anxiety that come with it will likely return. In Singapore, a survey found that employees working from home can feel more stressed than those working on the COVID-19 front lines. These feelings of distress stem from multiple issues, including juggling childcare with work and working in an unconducive environment.

The latter, in turn, can be linked to many factors. Other family members might be a source of distraction; noisy renovation works could be going on next door, or there just might not be enough space at home.

Co-living can easily take care of such woes. Wi-Fi-connected apartments serve as private sanctuaries that are conducive for working in peace. They house workstations that are clean, spacious and aesthetically pleasing – so there is no need to change your Zoom background. 

Besides dedicated lounges and offices that give residents an option to work together, some companies like CP Residences also offer single-room units for those who require total concentration at work. 

Whether you prefer working solo or with others, co-living is the solution for your WFH troubles – and a boon to your mental wellness!

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