Famous Japanese discount store Don Quijote, known as Don Don Donki, is set to open its first store in Orchard Central this Friday, December 1, which is also their first store in Asia outside of Japan.

Don Don Donki Map. Image: Alvinology.com

Don Quijote is a popular Japanese brand that is known for offering a wide variety of made-in-Japan products from toilet paper to second-hand Rolex watches. All of these products are offered at low prices. Founded in 1978, this brand now owns 368 stores in Japan, Hawaii, and the United States. This new 1,397 sq meters two-story retail store in Orchard Central promises to offer similar range and a mix of products as its stores in Japan.

Don Don Donki will operate 24/7. One level will be dedicated to food such as fresh meat, fish, beef, etc. All of these products will be curated directly from Hokkaido. Out of this, Don Don Donki will be Hokkaido Marche’s partner, to bring to customers an authentic Japanese cuisines and to promise the best dining experiences with the combination of restaurants and food court.

Don Don Donki ‘s fresh products will be curated from Hokkaido, Japan. Image: Jeremy Long

Don Don Donki’s products are offered at competitive prices from the cheapest Calbee Jagatico Salad for S$0.5 to the crazily expensive 35-year-old Hibiki Suntory Whiskey for S$80,000. Another highlight is the Don Don Donki bar which offer all different types of Japanese traditional drinks like sake. The bar will operate from 4pm to 2am from Sunday to Thursday, and 4pm to 3am from Friday and Saturday.

The idea of opening Don Don Donki in Singapore came from the chairman of Don Quijote’s experiences with so many expensive items in Singapore. During his press conference on Nov 29, the chairman, Takao Yasuda, said, “Back then, I was semi-retired but when I moved to Singapore, it was surprising to see the price difference between Singapore and Japan. What costs one dollar in Japan is sometimes two or three dollars here.”

Don Quijote’s founder Takao Yasuda. Image: Jeremy Long

The stores also aim at product selection and pricing for different areas, which mean they will offer different variety of products that are best suited for people in that area. An interesting thing is that even though the products priced in Don Don Donki are considered about 20 percent more expensive than those sold in Japan, they are still pretty low compared to their competitors in Singapore.

Beside this first store in Orchard Central, they are planning to open the second one in Tanjong Pagar next June. Their goal is to own at least 10 stores in Singapore in the next four or five years.

Image: Alvinology.com

“Singapore is a very important market for us… It is also a good base for us as people speak English here and it makes it easier for us to expand globally,” said Mr Yasuda.

The store is operating just around the clock. For those who already had an experience with this brand before in Japan, this must be a super exciting news for you. If you live too far away from Japan, why not come to Singapore to try out Don Don Donki? Hurry and book a stay with us at CP Residences because we are just right across Orchard Central!

Written by Linh Tran