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Kaleidoscopic ventures

Rod Fai train night market

December 2018

1. Eat the World

2. Shop Till You Drop

3. Unwind & Jazz Up for the Night

Burst into colours at Bangkok’s most electrifying must-visit night market!

Lying on the outskirts of the train tracks in the city, Rod Fai is more commonly known as Bangkok’s hipster train night market among tourists and locals alike who flock to the packed night bazaar, rain or shine.

Here are 3 things not to miss when you visit this dazzling night market:

1. Eat the World
Hungry? That’s one thing you’ll never be at Rod Fai. Satiate your hunger with the delectable choice of street food, an amalgamation of global fusion cuisines — all in one place.
(From authentic Thai Tom Yum Goong to Mid-Eastern style kebab skewers, you can literally eat the world at Rod Fai)
2. Shop Till You Drop
Packed with locals, it is almost a certainty that Rod Fai has incredible deals and bargains for the everyday consumer. Deals even sweeter for tourists who travel to the country for cheap deals.
(Shop from dusk till dawn in this night market that never sleeps)
Let out the shopaholic in you as you explore the nooks and crannies of the night market — experience the thrill of winning a great deal by haggling and bargaining with the local stallholders and snag yourself an incredible haul you can boast about back home.
3. Unwind and Jazz Up for the Night
Not only boasting extremely popular street food and terribly affordable fashion clothings, Rod Fai is also home to a whole street-full of local bars with incredible live band sessions. Enjoy a cold beer at one of these bars and relieve yourself from the heat of the crowd.
(Make your night an unforgettable one with galvanising live bands belting out tunes along the street.)
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