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Living the ‘Flex’ Life

August 2020

As opposed to a hotel stay, where you fit into its style, an apartment stay should fit you

Hello “flex life”

Our lifestyles have been ever-evolving, even without the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we often find ourselves still subjected to traditional rules. Take apartment rentals for one. In this age of AI and customization, modern apartment rentals should be flexible. Afterall, it’s an abode that contains your belongings, your mood, your evolving lifestyle. As opposed to a hotel stay, where you fit into its style, an apartment stay should fit you.

So what do we mean by flexible?

A flexible space offers a reasonable degree of customisation to suit your needs, especially if the apartment is furnished. For example, 2 friends sharing a one bedroom apartment can opt for 2 single beds in place of the usual double bed, if the space allows. Or changing the LED bulb to a tone that suits your lifestyle, or simply requesting for a fan to conserve electricity used in air-conditioning during summer.

For the busy executive or young family, if your rent includes housekeeping by professionals, it not only liberates your precious social time, it ensures hygiene standards are kept high.

With the uncertainty of this COVID-19 pandemic, a flexible lease term offers relief from future altered circumstances. Take reference from governments lending support to commercial and residential lessees around the globe, a fine example of rigid rental terms leaving businesses and individuals trapped.

Here’s a comparison of flex and not, for private residential leases in Singapore.

Flex Life Traditional Leasing
Premise Flex Life:
From awesome, complete homes, move-in ready and with all kitchen, bathroom and house cleaning essentials, to unfurnished ones.
Traditional Leasing:
Unfurnished or partially furnished or main furnitures only
Furniture Flex Life:
Traditional Leasing:
Location Flex Life:
Re-select another if not completely satisfied
Traditional Leasing:
Maintenance Flex Life:
Traditional Leasing:
Utilities Flex Life:
Readily connected – and always contracted with lowest-cost utilities provider
Traditional Leasing:
Self-application of local water, gas & electrical provider
Add ons

Flex Life:
You get to choose :

  • Housekeeping service
  • Relocation service
  • Full utilities package
  • Or none at all
Traditional Leasing:
Lease period Flex Life:
3 months
+ monthly or weekly renewals
Traditional Leasing:
1-2 years fixed commitment
Deposit Flex Life:
1 month’s rent
Traditional Leasing:
1 year’s tenancy = 1 month’s rent
Customer service Flex Life:
Friendly team at your service
Traditional Leasing:
Routed to agent
So, make sure you check out your options and live the flex life.