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Moving out of my comfort zone with no regrets

By: CP Residences
January 2022

(Credit: Tan Tze Heng)

Living on my own in a new environment amid a pandemic proved to be nerve-racking at first, but I’m enjoying the space, freedom and flexibility.

As a 30-year-old working in the consultancy industry, the pandemic’s untimely arrival played a large part in my decision to move out of my family home in March 2021. 

Having to spend long hours at home made each day a drag, which prompted me to try living on my own for a change of pace and environment.

Tze Heng’s unit features a balcony to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

While I have fond memories of growing up in our Hougang home, it has remained unchanged and is neither an ideal nor conducive space for clocking long working hours in. 

My decision was affirmed by friends around my age, who were also looking to move out on their own. As I hit 30, I decided it was time, too, for me to lead a more independent lifestyle.

Flexibility and convenience

After looking at other short-term rental accommodation units where my friends were staying, I came across CP Residences. The minimum lease period is three months, which is way shorter than the one to two years usually required by most landlords.

Besides offering flexibility and convenience, the City Gate unit under CP Residences is also near my office – that sealed the deal for me. Food options are also readily available and the nearest MRT station is just a two-minute walk away.

With the extra space now that I’m living on my own, I jumped at the chance to customise the place to suit my needs, such as adding a monitor at my work station.

The nine months spent here at CP have been so enjoyable that I extended my lease by another six months in advance. 

A loft bed in Tze Heng’s unit offers a unique and cosy sleeping experience.

Impeccable service round the clock

CP strikes the perfect balance between extending assistance whenever needed and giving residents their personal space.

I experienced this when I had to deal with a clogged sink and Wi-Fi issues. The maintenance team was quick to come to my aid, setting up a Wi-Fi extender in my unit after I brought up the issue with the community manager. My clogged sink was also speedily fixed up by the team within the same day.

If I was living in a rented flat, I would have had to resolve all these issues on my own. The weekly house cleaning service has also eased my burden immensely, as it allows me to better focus on my work rather than having to worry about household chores.

From getting to interact with my neighbours once in a while, to receiving small gifts occasionally such as cookies from them, I am never quite on my own even though I’m living on my own. The CP Residences team is always just a friendly call away.

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