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Open up a world of flexible choices with CP

Change is the only constant in a post-pandemic world

By: CP Residences
August 2021

Change is the only constant in a post-pandemic world, where regulations and norms are ever-shifting to tackle evolving virus variants. Being flexible in your outlook and plans is no longer optional but crucial to thriving today. 

CP Residences fully understands the need to be adaptable. This is why we offer flexible leases, a whole range of convenient locations and customisable room arrangements.

1. Flexible leases

Imagine this nightmare scenario. Days after moving into your dream rental home, you realise it is not what you expected. The neighbours are noisy, the landlord is unkind and the facilities are subpar. With most landlords and agents offering only leases of at least a year, you find yourself stuck

At CP, we understand that circumstances can change. Perhaps you wish to check out the place before committing to a longer lease. Maybe you and your family just need short-term accommodation while your home is undergoing renovation or being built. Or you just need somewhere more conducive during this work-from-home period to work in peace. 

You could even be a world champion para-archer gearing up for the Paralympics, who wants to stay closer to your training ground to hit prime competition form. At CP, we aim to please by offering flexible leases as short as three months.

2. Flexible choices

A cosy alcove for one? A top-of-the-world penthouse for newlyweds? A disabled-friendly sanctuary? 

How about a home for you and your furry friend? Whoever you are and whatever stage you are in life, we have a choice offering for you. 

Many of our apartments are in town or on the city fringes. Stay in the heart of Orchard Road at The Centrepoint; soak in the views of Singapore’s southern coast at Harbour Suites; or be enchanted by heritage charm at City Gate. Whether it’s a one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment, we have it all – yes, even a single room if that’s what you need.

3. Flexible room arrangements

After settling on your dream apartment with us, there are further arrangements you can make for a more bespoke experience. 

Need a larger workspace to fit two computer monitors? Just let us know. Hoping for more space in the living room for your large pet to bound around? We can move out some furniture at your request. 

It’s a fuss-free experience with our fully-furnished apartments and customisable layouts. We provide well-equipped kitchens as well as maintenance and cleaning services. You could say we are bending over backwards to provide the best flexible living experience!

Any other burning concerns? Feel free to contact us!

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