Perfect Home for Entrepreneur – and His Huge Workstation

By: CP Residences
September 2022

“The space I found is perfect.”

After his landlord decided to sell the house he was renting a few months back, entrepreneur Nickson Guay was left scrambling for a new place to stay. His frantic search coincided with rising prices in the buoyant rental market, forcing him to look for other alternatives.

The stressful episode turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as that was when he found CP Residences. 


Like everyone else, Nickson had a few requirements when looking for a new place to call home. The 27-year-old Singaporean, who owns various companies including a consulting firm and a crypto business, wanted a place not far from the central Orchard area, where he does his martial arts training. He also needed a furnished unit as he had yet to decide on his long-term plans and “did not want to invest in fixtures and furniture”. Lastly, he needed a place that could accommodate his enormous zero gravity reclining workstation – which he uses for work and gaming. 

“It was a bit hard for me to find a place because of my workstation. That thing is about 140kg and consumes a lot of space. I had to ask CP whether they were okay with me moving this device in because of the weight and size,” Nickson recalled.

Not only did they allow it, CP Residences also helped to rearrange the furniture and remove a queen-size bed in the 2-bedroom co-living studio in the heart of Orchard to make room for it. 

While CP Residences ticked all the boxes, the minimum three-month commitment period gave him a good sense of what co-living entailed. He enjoyed it so much that he signed a two-year contract to lock in the rates amid a hot rental market before the three months were up. “A lot of things were taken care of, such as furniture and utilities,” said Nickson. “The lease that I pay every month encompasses everything. That’s why I took up the offer.”


The social aspect of co-living was “a pleasant surprise” for Nickson. Nearly everyone he met has been friendly, from his neighbours to the condo café general manager to the apartment manager. He also enjoys the monthly community gatherings at CP Residences, where residents get to mingle and network.

The owner of CP Residences, Wendy Yap, has also been very supportive of Nickson’s businesses. She has linked him up with their contacts and connected him with event spaces. Recently, in August, they even invited him to be featured in a Channel 8 television news programme by local broadcaster Mediacorp.

After staying at CP Residences for three months, Nickson could not be happier. “The space I found is perfect.”

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