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Pets are a joy in these times

But you can’t bring them everywhere

By: CP Residences
May 2021

No.1 pet peeve: When you can’t bring Man’s best roommate to your accommodation

The past year has been a trying period for everyone. Working from home has been a boon for some but being home has also compounded issues of isolation, especially for those living alone. In such a gloomy climate, never has a furry friend been more appealing.

The pandemic has highlighted the clear need for companionship and social interactions, and in the absence of social gatherings, research has shown that pets help their owners derive joy and meaning in life. This has led people to adopt and buy pets as a means to fill a social need.

As a result, the trend of owning pets has seen a spike. Causes for Animals, an animal protection organisation in Singapore, revealed that the adoptions of dogs and cats almost doubled during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker, which was a partial lockdown of the country. Some new pet owners said that spending more time at home was the perfect chance to help their new companions adapt to their new surroundings.

The National University of Singapore found that playing with pets is not only enjoyable but also reduces stress. The “paw”-sitive vibes from playing with pets are so effective that the university even organises dog and cat therapy sessions to help students unwind a week before their examinations. But while furry companions are allowed on campus grounds, they may not be as welcome elsewhere. 

Torn apart

A major concern for many owners is leaving their pets alone at home. If they could choose, many pet lovers would bring their pets along everywhere. However, most hostels and hotels bar pets from the property due to potential damage to the property. Additionally, places that do accept pets often have a long list of guidelines and rules that makes bringing a pet along extremely inconvenient.

However, some players in the hospitality sector are slowly responding to such demand by offering accommodation and promotions for pets and their owners. An example is pet spa treatments that offer luxurious pampering sessions and stays for you and your pet. These options provide a quick break and a short-term sanctuary to bond with your pooch. But what about a cosy, posh and longer-lasting stay with your pet?

There can be no worse feeling than finding the rental home of your dreams and realising that you cannot have your four-legged friend live with you. A real heart-sinking feeling. CP Residences understands this and allows residents to live with their four-legged companion hassle-free. Need more space for active Arnold to run around? Bulky furniture can also be removed upon request. If you have any other queries, just ask away. We strive to make co-living the best we can under one roof. Or rather, one woof!