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Renovating your home? Short term leasing has your back

By: CP Residences
December 2022

To new homeowners and those looking to spruce up their current residences, renovation is usually a huge hassle.

 Costs aside, securing a reliable contractor that can complete the work on schedule can also be a headache. 

Then there is the challenge of finding an alternative residence during the renovation period.

A rental flat might be the first to come to most homeowners’ minds, though it may not always be the best option. This is because most rental units require a minimum one-year lease – a period that is usually longer than most renovation projects. Renting for longer than is necessary also adds to the financial burden of homeowners who already have to fork out a hefty sum to renovate their homes. 

And especially at a time when renovation companies are seeing strong demand amid rising material and labour costs, unanticipated project delays are even more likely – and could throw a much unwelcomed spanner in the works.

Temporary Haven

So where can they find refuge in the meantime? Enter CP Residences. 

With a minimum lease term of just three months, CP is a more sensible option than conventional rental units with a lease of at least a year. It also offers great flexibility with weekly and monthly lease renewal options, which provide welcome relief for homeowners whose renovation projects end up being delayed. 

Short term leasing is also often more economical than extended hotel stays of over a few months – which could quickly add to your renovation expenses.

CP’s comprehensive suite of short-term leasing options is just what those in between homes need, especially in the current climate of rising prices and unpredictable project timelines. Fully furnished and ready for the whole family to move in, every unit features a full kitchen, smart television, and high speed Wi-fi broadband internet connectivity. We also offer optional relocation services to help you move in quickly and with ease.

Many of our co-living and private apartments are also equipped with a range of amenities and facilities that appeal to modern life comforts – from exercise areas to swimming pools – to indulge you and your partner or family. 

And if you ever need assistance, our friendly customer service team and dedicated community managers are always ready to help – without having to reach out to a landlord or an agent, as is the case for conventional rental units.

For the perfect place to call home while you renovate your forever home, come home to CP. 

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