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Take Pride in living at CP Residences

By: CP Residences
June 2022

Inclusivity in renting is long overdue

The struggle to find housing is real for many LGBTQ individuals. While there are LGBTQ-friendly housing projects around the world, many in the community face rejection outside of these spaces.

For those seeking freedom from unsupportive families, rent is but a small price to pay. For example, Sapphire, who resides in a local queer commune (a household that comprises other queer people), has seen the benefits of living away from her parents.

Besides an improved familial relationship, she has also had the opportunity to explore her own identity. “Living with proud queer folk who have lived through similar experiences of familial or relationship trauma helped me realise I don’t ever have to suffer alone,” she told news website Rice Media.


In Singapore, house-hunting is a rite of passage for many young couples. While many newlyweds pick the more affordable Build-to-Order (BTO) flats for their first property purchase, this is not an option for queer couples.

To be eligible for a BTO flat before age 35, a buyer must make a joint application with their marriage partner. Yet same-sex unions are not legally recognised here. This means that LGBTQ couples are considered singles under the law. 

While the acceptance level of LGBTQ individuals is high among youths, Singapore remains a largely conservative society. The Court of Appeal’s recent ruling to dismiss challenges to Section 377A of the Penal Code – which criminalises sex between men – indicates that there may be a long way to go before gay marriage is deemed constitutional. 

Thus, housing options remain limited for most queer house-hunters. 

In response, LGBTQ-friendly Facebook groups, such as “Queer/Trans Housing Singapore”, have been set up to help the community look for housing solutions. While these informal house-hunting platforms provide more choices, demand often exceeds supply. 


At CP Residences, we strive to deliver affordable quality living spaces for everyone across our 300 rooms and 50 apartments. With many of our offerings located in prime areas, we promise to fulfil your housing needs with our diverse selection of move-in ready homes. 

More importantly, we embrace your identity and seek to foster an inclusive community.

Our community events have helped our tenants to forge strong friendships and build a home away from home. Within these curated spaces, CP residents can connect across age, race and gender.

With activities such as bowling, picnics, yoga and more, rest assured that you will find like-minded friends in our island-wide community.

Our brand is built on the unique stories of our customers, and your story will further add to our vibrant culture. For a welcoming new home, join us now at CP Residences.

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