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The dream of flexible living come true

No more being trapped in long leases

By: CP Residences
June 2021
After six years working as a hairstylist, Steve Koh is now his own boss. He owns Homie Hair, a thriving salon in Tanjong Pagar. It’s a job that he loves – it’s a lifelong passion he has had, one that is exciting but also exacting.
At the end of his long 12-hour days, there is nothing he looks forward to more than going home.
A sanctuary to call home
And home for him, which he shares with his wife, currently is a penthouse apartment on lease from CP Residences at The Centrepoint, a short 15-minute MRT ride from his salon.

He said: “I don’t really like public transport, but the short distance between The Centrepoint and Somerset MRT station has made commutes very convenient.”

Steve also enjoys the wide variety of food options in the vicinity, such as dim sum at his favourite restaurant, Honolulu Cafe in The Centrepoint. The bars along Cuppage Road are also perfect for meeting up with friends.

When he comes home late to find the eateries closed, he enjoys cooking at home. This is a cinch as CP Residences provides a fully-equipped kitchen and housekeeping service.

These, he said, are “the best part” of staying with CP Residences.

No strings attached
The Malaysian, who arrived in Singapore six years ago, also appreciates the flexible leases – as short as three months – that CP Residences offers.

“When I moved into my previous apartment, I realised the place was not what I had expected. But I was already locked into a two-year contract”, Steve recalled.

It was only after his fourth year here that he heard about CP Residences. Its short lease options are ideal for him as they provide unparalleled flexibility. More importantly, the terms are clearly in “black and white”, with no room for unexpected shocks from the fine print, Steve added.

Friends you can count on
But home is not just about having a place to stay – it is also about building a support network. Usually, this comes in the form of one’s family. But with travel restrictions in place, a reunion remains a dream for now.

“I used to go back [to Malaysia] every month, but it has been a year and three months since I last saw them.”

The co-living arrangement at CP Residences offers some reprieve though. Living with suite-mates provides much-needed community support.

Steve said he has built new connections and valuable relationships, which give him a deeper sense of belonging and security. He said: “Even though we don’t hang out all the time, the presence of someone else makes me feel a lot better.”

His new friends, who include a software engineer and corporate secretary, offer more than just emotional reassurance. They have also been sharing their professional expertise to inspire Steve in his business.

For many foreigners like Steve, having a community of friends and a safe haven to call home is key to helping them build a new life in their host country. In these regards, Steve has found CP Residences to be the perfect fit.

“When you are separated from your family, you miss them. But at least I am not alone and don’t feel lonely.

Steve Koh