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Who We Are
our story
In 2005, our first property Centrepoint gave us the original spirit of the brand, CP Residences. Today, CP stands for Community x Places – the two most important attributes that make up the brand. With the spirit of being the centering point for anyone, we have 300 rooms & 50 apartments across Singapore.
our mission
We are here to make short-term living hassle-free, accessible, and conveniently located ready move-in concept for you. We preserve the benefits of renting houses while eliminating the drawbacks. Staying at CP guarantees that you’ll never have to fret about complicated move-in procedures, maintenance, or buying your own furniture.
our vision
We strive to seek out open-minded individuals to create an inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to connect within CP spaces and events while developing mutual understanding, equality, and respect foreach other. Aside from that, we aspire to invite members to join our built-in community of various origins, interests and ambitions.