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With curbs lifted, CP Community thrives again

By: CP Residences
May 2022

As Singapore carefully removes the shackles after two years of movement and social curbs, people are rejoicing at being able to reconnect with kith and kin in big groups.

Community is the cornerstone of the CP identity. So when restrictions were lifted, CP wasted no time in organising communal activities for its residents.


Neon lights beamed down on excited faces as seven CP residents entered the kaleidoscopic bowling alley of K Bowling Club at 313@Somerset on March 18. They were about to gather for one of CP’s first in-person events since the pandemic – night bowling.

Muskaan Lunawat, a CP resident for the past 5 months, was raring to go. “I’m looking forward to meeting and talking with other CP tenants,” she said. And that was exactly what she got.

The wide grins reflected a successful event, where the residents were able to mingle freely and forge new friendships.


Food is known to bring people from different cultures together. During the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, CP residents gathered at ENAK, a restaurant along Arab Street, on the evening of 22 April 2022. As Muslims all around geared up for iftar, the meal to break fast at sunset, the eight residents were treated to some scrumptious Nasi Ambeng.

The trademark variety of the dish – piled high with meat, vegetables, egg, rice, and much more – mirrored the diversity of the group. Though all strangers from different walks of life, they were now socialising over a meal.

A post-dinner stroll down Arab Street and through the Walk Thru Souq 2022 bazaar together sealed their friendship. Not only did they bond over a mouth-watering meal, but the residents were also given a taste of Singapore culture to round off the memorable night.

Their verdict was unanimous: The food was good, but the company was even better.

Social distancing has been so hard on us because humans are social creatures.

Now that we are able to gather in larger groups and with fewer restrictions, CP is doing what we can to build a robust and close community among our residents.

After two years of physical isolation, let’s make good use of the chance for social interaction.

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